Saturday, April 14, 2012

For Virginia Foxx, life was different.

I'm sure life was very different for Representative Virginia Foxx during her youth...aside from circling the wagons and being absolutely thrilled with the invention of the light bulb...but on a more serious note...she has no sympathy for student loan borrowers with thousands of dollars of debt because when she went to school, she worked her way through without borrowing a dime!

I'm sure life was very different when Kaiser Wilhelm II was still in power.

Believe me, if I could have worked my way through school, I WOULD HAVE!

But when you have a Financial Aid Office laugh at you for even thinking that...

The sad thing is I understand get where Foxx is coming from. That we have to work for it. If I went back 11 years ago, I would have pushed myself through 11 jobs to simply pay for a community school.
But I and many others wanted more than community college. We fell into this trap in this awful predatory system.
Foxx went to school before Sallie Mae and others had been created. So she has no clue what it's like today.

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