Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sallie Mae continues fighting so they can keep up the Sallie Mae Suicides!

I find it funny Sallie Mae worries about job loss.

Thank you James Hoyer for fighting for us

The James Hoyer lawfirm is looking for former Sallie Mae employees to step up and speak out.

Go to the official website.

Or call at 1-800-651-2502

If any former Sallie Mae employees are out there...please, when your company is targeting people in rural areas, poor people...with aims of knowing they will go into default...You don't want that on your conscience...You don't want to know you've leached some poor old woman of her social security checks to the point she's eating cat please, speak up!

Again, don't ever charge full steam ahead into Student Loans

A lifetime shackle of debt isn't worth this. Always look over your options before you ever sign that Promissory Note. Don't believe the hype that without that loan, you won't make your dream a reality. Just like when the tobacco company said smoking makes you look cool and popular but neglected to tell you about the cancer. Don't believe the lies. There are always other options. You just have to find them.

Just don't find out the horror of student loans like these people in this CNN article.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Before signing with Sallie Mae...know what the interest is going to be!

Not what it is now...and not what they tell you it is.

When I was in high school, nobody told me about compound interest.

Just like what was said in the 60 Minutes borrow $100 with an 8% interest, you're paying back $108.

With Sallie Mae and their compound borrow $'re paying back $250.

Like I said before, chase your dreams...but NOT at any cost...and definitely don't let Sallie Mae ruin your dreams. Don't believe their hype. There are other ways to pay for a dream without them.

And just know, even if you think you sign with a different student loan company, you're not out of Sallie Mae's grasp...they're known to buy out other student loan debts and can get you that way as well.

Break the cog

Quote from the man...Alan Collinge

"no one should have to live like a wanted man in their own country for having gone to school."

Alan Collinge is the man who started the website:

If you've been the unfortunate victim of Sallie Mae, please go to that site, tell your story and know you're not alone.

If in default, live off the grid, sorry to say that, but do not retreat, do not focus on avoiding them...focus on EXPOSING them.

The next time you have to deal with a Sallie Mae Shark, tell them they are thieves and they know it. They are just as bad as a real estate swindler who cheats people out of their homes. Ask them why student loans are the only loans in U.S. history to be specifically exempted from standard bankruptcy protections. Ask them whose cigar was smoked for that to happen.

It's time to break the cogs.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Living the nightmare....please avoid a similiar path!

So what's it like to live a life under a Sallie Mae Suicide path?

Well, you can look at the student loan justice site for an idea.


I tremble every time my phone goes off. It's probably one of the worst feelings to have...shaking as you look at the Called ID...praying to God it's a friend or family member and not an 800 or 866 number...or worse...just an "Unknown Caller."
And even if I do answer the phone, I have the jackal on the other end to deal with, trained to accept nothing less than a full payment.
It was even more embarrassing at work. Unlike other collection agencies, Sallie Mae will call you at work and will call often.

Going out to get the mail is just as bad. I close my eyes each time before opening the mailbox. Just waiting for that bomb to go off.

And then there's the dark feeling, that you've become nothing but a burden to your family. You can't really share what it's like with friends because you just feel so stupid and ashamed. That, after nearly 2 decades of preparations, you go out in the real world and just make the mistake of buying an illusion, only to have a very real shackle chained to you.
I look back at my life, all the people I met, all those who had so much faith in me...
Was this the future they envisioned for me?


Because of the Sallie Mae Suicide...I've let everyone down.

Even if I didn't go to college...if I would have stayed in my hometown, worked, gone to a community college or technical school...even if I just took a year off to drink myself...I still would have had a better shot at a future than with Sallie Mae. this economy...the job I had...gone.

I lost my apartment rental as well.

With no real job...I can't afford to pay off my loans...and my deferment options have dried off.

I now live a new nightmare...Living off the Grid.

At this time, Sallie Mae has nothing on me. I changed my cell, which I am very protective of giving out...and even when it rings, I still tremble.
I've been a gypsy, moving from apartment to apartment, my permanent residence has not been set in stone in over a year. No use filling out a mail forwarding form.

Living off the Grid is just as nerve racking as the time when Sallie Mae could pinpoint me. But there is nothing I can do at the job, can barely pay off the cell and insurance as it is, so no way I can do much to relieve my debt.
If I had a regular 9-5 job, I'd just tell Sallie Mae to go ahead and garnish my wages but I can't even do that.

Off the Grid...and in a Sallie Mae's no way to live.

I don't wish my path nor my fate on anyone.

So once again.

Find yourself.
Keep your credit rating well maintained.
Always do your research.
Never sign anything without reading the fine print.
Find a way without ever blindly using Sallie Mae.

Monday, August 3, 2009

It's Funny because it's True

Watch out for Everest and Phoenix online...use Rip Off Report to investigate!

The all important Rip Off Report site. Research questionable products, such as ShamWow, which from what I read, falls apart. You can also research certain services, such as debt collection agencies that deal in zombie debt.
A few years ago, my mother got a debt collection bill for over $4,000 and she didn't remember where the bill came from. A telephone number was at the bottom for her to call. Before she had a chance to, I researched the collections agency behind the bill.

It saved my mother the stress of $4,000.

Had she called, she would have reignited the decade old zombie debt.

I used Rip Off Report to look into this collection agency, and it would go around and buy old debts and trick people into calling them. The moment they're called, the debt comes alive...hence Zombie Debt.
Very sneaky.

So again, use Rip Off Report to look into everything questionable!!!

Now, distance learning has become very popular in the past few years. Especially with online universities like the University of Phoenix and American Intercontinental University.
Also, career based institutes such as Everest have gained steam as well, along with the Art Institute's online courses.

In theory, these sound nice, whether signing up for Phoenix or AI for courses. Or going to an Everest campus to learn a trade. JUST BEWARE.
I know those commercials that play for the couch potato crowd looks appealing with success stories...just always do your research before signing into those sites.
I do believe some state schools offer legitimate distance online learning, as do several community colleges.

If you're looking at an online school or career based school as an easy shortcut, again, beware...there is no real easy shortcut. I thought an art school was a shortcut around college math and other courses. BIG MISTAKE on my part.
Just like certain technical schools that offer degrees in a couple of years, like Full Sail...punch that school into a Rip Off search and see what I mean.
No matter what path you want, just remember, it's all hard work to get there. Anything in life that comes too easy isn't worth having!

Also, Sallie Mae has had her hand in dooming the online crowds.

But if you do proceed with these institutes...use Rip Off Report and research them. Read the consumer reports and then make your decisions.

Whether you're not in debt or are in need this site

This is like the bible of knowing lending rights. Aside from student loans, it covers auto, home, etc. It's marvelous.

Wish they would have told me about this site back in high school economics/government class.

Seriously though, if you ever have questions or thoughts about getting a loan...go to that site!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Chase your dreams...but NOT at any cost

True: What is any life without the pursuit of a dream?
False: Pursue a dream at any costs.

I know that sounds cold...but I'm sorry to say...Dream sellers like Sallie Mae have a very steep price to pay to follow a dream.

HOWEVER...there are ways around pricey educations.

As I said before, you have to figure yourself out at heart. And it varies person to person. Some have an idea by 16-17 and that's wonderful. But don't feel guilty if you don't have a clue on what to do by 22. No matter what anyone says, don't feel guilty if you haven't figured it out by 30.

So...basically, here is what I suggest.

Figure out a dream or dreams that you have. And goals. To me, a dream can be anything from being a rock star to pursuing engineering. A goal, could be simple, owning your own home, having a family...having a summer and winter home perhaps.
Try to make the dream realistic.
Not saying you won't be a rock star or an actor, but just know that even rock stars and actors had a job like everyone else.
If you have an idea for a career, get in contact with several people in the field. Don't just stick with one, go with several. Remember to ask how they started out, what they did and what they recommend.
Same works for when you're in college, never be afraid to ask a professor what his/her path had been in the field.

Now, I do have to warn you about some professions and schools. For example, careers in art and culinary fields. With shows like Emeril and Iron Chef, some believe they'll go to special culinary school on loans and come out with their own tv show. Only, it's not the case as the field is high competitive and a graduate will find him or herself stuck in a low paying job and struggle to repay the loan.
However, I know of a friend who just went to a vocational school after high school, did her years there and worked her way through the kitchens to attain her status as chef. And she did it without going to a high priced school.

In my case, I had once thought about majoring in graphic design so I went to a high priced art school. The path didn't work out. However, a friend of mine went to a state school for design, nearly 14,000 dollar tuition difference, graduated and eventually was hired as a lead designer for a company. I know many others from the high priced school who didn't even get that.

I firmly apply that to writing as well. I look through writing magazines and see these expensive courses and classes for writers. I know for a fact that the likes of Stephen King did not sign up for expensive classes. Stories come from within and there is no teacher that can just place an imaginative story at your finger tips.

So, just explore all options for a dream, even if it begins at a community college, technical or vocational school or even if you have to wait a little bit for a dream to come.

But if you must pursue a dream at an exclusive high priced school, like Stanford or Harvard or Rhode Island School of Design...well, there are options for that too.

Don't let Sallie Mae sell you a false dream...go out and find those other options. And sometimes, options are in form of scholarships and grants!

Keeping your credit perfect

Like I said before, your credit rating is your lifeline.
Aside from avoiding the Sallie Mae Suicide, I have a few other helpful things to help new kids with zero to no credit.
First off, start with an Authorized User, which is VERY powerful. Get a parent or good friend/relative with established credit to add them as an AU to one or more credit cards. the result is powerful.
Credit card companies can just be as damaging as Sallie Mae. The only different, with credit cards, you have the option of bankruptcy along with the protection. Sallie Mae, no such protection. Regardless, bankruptcy is an option no one wants to exercise.
Keep good credit, don't mess around with Sallie Mae and you'll never have to think about it.
I have a trustworthy friend with a Youtube channel about the subject, as well as other links:

That last link is for people with bad credit, but, if you have bad credit, then that's the site for you!

People have killed themselves over debt, including Sallie Mae...the title Sallie Mae Suicide can and has been literal for a few sad souls.

Even if you play it safe with Sallie Mae, there are other creditors out there just waiting like predators in the darkness...but, if your debt troubles get out of control...STAY CALM...for yourself, your is no reason to end your life.
Just know, in 100 years, no one will remember a Sallie Mae debt.

I wish you all the best of luck in keeping your credit life line flowing!

Clips of the 2006 60 Minutes report on Sallie Mae

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Take the time and watch the report, listen to the horror stories...Man loses everything in the 1994 earthquake...and Sallie Mae STILL HOUNDS him. I know Capitalism can be bad but Sallie Mae just mutates it.

And on further additional notes...again, I want to make myself clear...I'm not saying don't go to college nor am I saying don't ever take out student loans...I'm just saying
A: Think long and hard before going with Sallie Mae
B: If you have to take out student loans, look at other companies. Sallie Mae gives other student loans companies a bad name.
C: Again, just think your life through.

That one commercial is right...the best investment you can within yourself.

So in the event a Sallie Mae Shark calls?

Hopefully if you've never taken a loan from Sallie Mae...but in the event you do get a call...and you want them off the line?
Tell them for your own personal records, you're recording the call as well.

For some reason, Sallie Mae sharks are told they cannot proceed with a collection call if they are told they're being recorded and will hang up.


One belief is to prevent third parties from hearing vital info.
Or they just want to take away your advantage to record the conversation. Especially since I once heard a collector say "Sir, I don't know, you're going to hear a lot of different things from us. " GREAT!!! Almost unfair when they say "For customer service quality, this call may be monitored or recorded."

Although if you just want to hear examples of the fantastic service you'll get from the Sallie Mae Suicide Squad...I'll leave links.

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

Granted the guy is pranking them, but still, just get a load of that wonderful customer service!
Seriously, how can you garnish wages from Mexico?

Don't let Sallie Mae hold your loved one hostage...find yourself instead!

So, new incoming freshmen mostly go in with little or no credit at all. Many lenders won't deal with that sort. No, they want a co-signer with a credit rating to go along. Smart on their part, possible and probably catastrophe for you. It's their way of holding a loved one hostage in the event of A: You run away/can't pay or B: You die, they will hammer your loved one for the debt you owed.
You risk your parent or loved one's credit, sanity and life when you get them to co-sign.
To get them to co-sign for a rental agreement or car is one thing...
But don't ever trick them into co-signing with Sallie Mae.

And if that expensive school tells you you won't go to their school without a co-signer...

Find a different school.

And don't necessarily buy the hype that an expensive private school is any better than a state university or community college.
You can be in a private classroom with 20 students and still take the risk of retaining the same fragmented knowledge you would in an auditorium filled with over 100 students. As I said, all colleges use the same text books, if doesn't matter where you learn your subject, it's how you take in personally.

Creative fields like art, writing, music, film?
Don't always believe an art or cooking school will make you the best cook. The best drawing and painting comes from you. The best dish you ever make, comes from you. The best story, comes from you. Those lyrics or notes in your head, from you. That movie you want to make, again, you. NO professor can ever just give you ideas. The creativity comes from YOU!
Dream about being the next George Lucas or Stephen King? Read into their lives and look at where they've been to where they are now.

Technical or trade schools?
And don't rule out technical or trade school. After all, college and universities aren't for everyone. There's no shame in being a mechanic...people need mechanics...or any other trade...plumbers, electricians, repairmen. Simple jobs and simple lives? Yes...but at least it pays the bills, puts food on the table and they play a vital role in day to day life.
If one follows down that path, plays it safe, doesn't blow money on needless things and keeps a CLEAN CREDIT or university could still be an option later in life and chances are, you could pay for your own schooling.
And if not for yourself...your children. You definitely don't want your children committing Sallie Mae Suicide. Nor do you want them to guilt you into co-signing those loans.

The old job and the old hometown?
If you have a job now in high school, like the super market or drug store and you find yourself still there in 5 years. THERE IS NO SHAME.
So what if others say "Oh, he/she is still working the same job." You're still working and could make it up the ladder and be manager.
I've known two friends who remained with their old jobs they had in high school rather than college or technical school...over seven years later, both own their own homes, drive nice cars and don't have to ever worry about student loan debts.
To those two friends stayed in my old hometown and live a life I can only dream of. Another friend of mine went to college an hour away from the town and had no real problem with it. He graduated with his BA, has a career but still lives there.
I know as a teen, the attitude towards a hometown was "I HATE THIS PLACE."
But here's the thing...many kids hate their hometowns or cities.
I was dreaming of winter nights in Boston just as a Boston kid was dreaming about the sunsets on the beach.
The point is, just really ask yourself if your hometown is so terrible. I bring that up because I signed that Sallie Mae promissory note believing I'd never come back to it.
Escape is not a good reason to commit Sallie Mae Suicide.

Life after high school?
Obviously, don't take a student loan blindly. If you need to take a year off, take a year, travel, talk to people in the fields that you're interested...keep in mind, the future is always changing, and that means there are jobs that don't exist today...that will tomorrow...keep your options open for that...just find yourself.
If you're ready for college, then go. Get scholarships, get grants and go.
Go to a trade school and learn a useful trade.
Just don't sit there, do something stupid like drink beer after beer or smoke joint after joint, day in and day out. You do nothing. You get nothing.

Just do something. Find yourself. Find your purpose. Find your role in this world. And find it without ever using Sallie Mae!

To be clear, I'm not saying don't take a loan from Sallie Mae...

I'm just saying...THINK TWICE before you do. Your credit rating is your life line. Don't gamble with it. As soon as you enter the real world, your credit is going to be in the best shape it can be. Why? Because it's prime to be built!
So take careful time in building it into a desired 680-700. Believe me. If you want that new house one day or that hot car or to rent that sweet condo by the waterfront, don't gamble with your credit.
Aside from Sallie Mae, just remember to be careful, keep on an eye on what you spend and pay, pay your bills on time and especially your rent. Take control of your own life, your destiny, your future...because believe me...You don't want other debt collection agencies such as NCO hounding you (they are just as bad as Sallie Mae's collections), you don't want a landlord beating down on your door, you don't want the bank to take away your home, you don't want those guys from Repossessed coming for your ride, and you do not want Sallie Mae tearing away at you...TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE ASAP!

Remember...Sallie Mae is just like any other creditor...they want you IN DEBT!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sallie Mae Horror Stories from others

Countless stories of Sallie Mae Suicides.

Break the Cog...don't let your life end up among them.

So who am I? I'm a guy who should have waited.

I'm just a guy who has made several mistakes throughout his life. I'm a guy who didn't carefully plan out his life. Therefore, I'm a guy who has committed Sallie Mae Suicide by his twenties.

Like many, I didn't know who I wanted to be or what I wanted to do after high school. Initially, I had thought about becoming a history teacher but I made the mistake of listening to an adult who told me it would be an unhappy career choice and I'd make peanuts. That was mistake #1, if you really want something in life, don't ever let anyone tell you different. You get bad feedback from one man, don't take his word for it and just move onto something else. I wish I could go back to 1999 and tell my 17 year-old self to not give up on a dream so early.
Other than that, I didn't try hard enough in high school. I hated math and feared regular colleges and universities would drown me in useless math classes. Therefore, I didn't give serious thought about cheap state schools.
Instead, on a major gamble, I decided I wanted art.
Now, there is nothing wrong with art. Art students can go on to places like Pixar, Dreamworks or graphic design firms and other places. I'm not saying, don't pick art as a higher educational major. Just don't pick art or any other creative field IF YOU ARE NOT SURE OF WHAT YOU WANT TO BE YET!
I was an idiot into believing that the best art education would come from a $20,000 art school and knowing full well I was iffy on my choice.
Again, not saying don't go to a super expensive art school, I'm saying don't go to a super expensive art school with doubts!

I regret jumping into an art school without going through a community college first. I wish I had just gone to a community college and taken regular art classes before making any final decisions. I believe that's why community colleges exist. So you have 2 years to really decide where you want to go.

And there is nothing to be ashamed of if you decide to go to a local community college after high school instead of the big university. Both use the same text books.

And there is nothing to be ashamed of during your senior year, as you see other kids brag about acceptance letters while you either didn't get in/didn't apply. In those days, all you have is time.

Me, I'm going on 28. Time is not a luxury for me.
Meanwhile, I have some friends who will be college freshmen at 23. No shame. In fact, probably smarter.
Professors enjoy older students since they will take their educational experiences much more seriously than most kids right out of high school.

I'd give anything to be a 28 year-old college freshmen.

Unfortunately, I did go to an art school without full faith in what I was doing. And mistake #2 was, when I wanted to leave the school, some artist friends said I wasn't trying hard enough, therefore, I made the mistake of going against my instincts and stayed in courses I wasn't truly happy with.

Although before settling for the expensive art school, there was another "institution of the arts" that I will not name...when I had walked into the financial aid office...almost immediately, they shoved Sallie Mae loan applications in front of my face. "Without Sallie Mae, you won't get your art degree."

Now I see where those "Kickbacks" came in.

The first time around, I had been smart and walked away.

*sigh...unfortunately, I wasn't smart the second time. Even my mother told me it wasn't a good idea, but I wasn't listening.
I was young. Naive. I didn't even read the fine print on the Promissory Note. I just wanted to get into the art school and have proof I was doing something with my life.
I wanted to show the kids who went to State schools that I was able to get into a private art school.

Sadly, my mother cosigned the Sallie Mae Suicidal note with me.

The Lesson for those reading this...Don't ever jump into something you're not 100% sure on. And especially don't jump in when Sallie Mae is involved.
True, mistakes have to be made and people need to learn from them. However, any errors with Sallie Mae...and it won't be a'll be a Bear trap.

So...take some time to really learn more about who you are and what you want...The race of life is long...and in the end, it's only with yourself. Don't make the mistake of having Sallie Mae trip you up on the track.

Friday, July 31, 2009

In the daylight, I don't pick up my phone

The many phone bashers of Sallie Mae use the following numbers:
317-595-1440 (Fishers, Indiana)
213-700-6433 (Cell phone out of Los Angeles, CA!)
765-283-3176 (Muncie, Indiana)
765-283-3020 (Muncie, Indiana)

By law, Sallie Mae is required to call, I'll state that, and if they don't call, then they themselves will be fined by the government.
Therefore, these jackals are trained to tear people apart over the phone, even if you make your payments, they'll still call, even if you're without a job and tell them that, they'll call you a slacker for not paying, these guys are trained to be very abusive over the phone.
If you don't want to face constant verbal torture from these wolves, think twice before signing that Promissory Note!

Think three times before tricking a poor parent or loved one into co-signing a loan as well!

A trailer park past beats a Sallie Mae ridden future

There was a time in my life where I had been a poor teenager, living in a rundown trailer park. The mobile home I lived in was riddled with holes, the plumbing had backed up like clockwork and rats were making a nest in the walls. I used to be so ashamed, angry and embarrassed. I often thought no girlfriend would want to go there, I couldn't have friends drop by and see me. I used to lay on my couch and want so much to never go back.
Thanks for a combination of a bad economy, poor decision making and worse planning along with Sallie Mae...I wish I could wake up back in that trailer park and realize life could always be much worse than a trashy mobile home.

Sallie Mae Suicide

Student Loan debt can be a frozen the worst case scenario, you will find yourself on thin ice...and Sallie Mae will be waiting below. What's the worst that comes when everything breaks?
Sallie Mae can and will haunt you with bad credit. When stamped with bad credit, you can say goodbye to applying for a credit card and kiss the dreams of buying a new car or house away. Any further ideas of more eduction can be put to rest as well. Trying to support a wife or children will be an extreme challenge. Sallie Mae has the same authority as Child Support, with the ability to garnish wages and even take tax refunds. And if in default, their offices in Muncie, Indiana and Killens, Texas, will be dedicated to ruining your life.
Any other situation such as credit card loans, one could declare bankruptcy and eventually see light.
With Sallie Mae, there is no light. In the late 1990s, Congress made it so that bankruptcy does not protect people from student loans.

Now, am I saying Sallie Mae is an evil corporation? No. True, some of their tactics are questionable, such as giving finciancial aid offices kickbacks...and in return, those offices herd incoming students towards student loans.
No, on paper, Sallie Mae is a champion of education. You need money for school, they give you a loan, you repay it 6 months after graduation. Sounds great. On paper.
But in the worst case scenario? After the deferments run out...should anything happen, then interest rates will skyrocket and you'll be paying back a lot more money than what you originally borrowed.
And should the worst happen such as now, bad economy, no job, nothing to really hang onto, well Muncie and Killens will still call you and remind you of the Sallie Mae Suicide plan.

But enough of that. I'm not here to bitch and moan about the poor decisions I've made or the phone bashing.

I'm here for the younger generations. A new decade is upon us. It's time to break the cogs.
I don't want nor wish my Sallie Mae Suicide to be the legacy of the Class of 2010...or 2011...or even 2020. As I said, the cog needs to be broken.

This blog is for the high school kids, who are pondering college or just life after high school.
This blog is for the Twenty something who decided to work.
This blog is for the adult, unhappy with the road they've taken.
This blog is for anyone who does not want a Sallie Mae Suicide.

As I said, I wish I could wake up tomorrow back in that mobile home. But it just goes to show you, no matter how bad life is, it can be so much worse.