Sunday, October 31, 2010

When our government works for corporations and NOT it's citizens...

I came across yet another horror story, as a guy just wanted to follow his dream of working in, he has an Air Force officer telling him to stop applying for meteor0logy work...

This story, as well as the comments by readers, sickens me...and I ask when did our government sell out its citizens?

You can call me naive, I guess I had been, years ago. And I know capitalism is nowhere near perfect, nor was it meant to be and that society has had its poor and homeless going back to Ancient Rome...but this is just sick. I find this worse than those house swindlers who con people out of their homes. I just don't get it how our government has let Sallie Mae get away with this.
I know the logical answer is bribes and kickbacks...but the question still remains to how?
And more importantly, why?
Does keeping people in debt help this country?
I want to ask the real estate agent who can't sell any homes...
I want to ask the car dealer who can't move cars off the lot...
I want to ask the salespeople who can't barely sell their products...
I want to ask the restaurant owner who sees nothing but empty tables...
I want to ask every business owner who had to close up shop for good...
Does keeping people in debt help this country?

And what is with the harsh penalties and denial of job fields? Meteorology sounds like a high paying field, one where this guy could easily pay off the loans (minus any other factors), so why the hell would you deny him of that? Just to add the default rate and watch the penalty fees rack up? That's great, it can balloon to an Argentina sized debt and guess what? You're STILL NOT GONNA SEE THAT MONEY!!!
That's just one thing I don't get. The guy could have 4 jobs and still never repay off half of the debt. And he's just an example out of countless more.
I'll level with you, I can reason with adding penalty fees and late fees, but where is the justification in blocking job fields?
And revoking medical licenses? It's getting to the point where it's not worth it to be a doctor. Which is pretty much saying it's not worth it to learn how to save lives and treat diseases.

I know our government is not perfect, and right now, pretty far from it. And I know that capitalism is geared towards the rich, that there will always be poor people at street corners, that every Joe the Plummer, will always bust his hump, trying to put food on the table...I know this country and the world will never be a utopia.
And I can live knowing I'll never have a 50-inch screen tv, a Playstation, a Blackberry, a Chevy Corvette, a home in Malibu...I can live without luxury easily.
And I can live with penalties and late fees, my hospital bills are evidence to that...
But to live knowing that I'm being blackballed from any successful know that I'll never be the guy who watches his bride walk down the know that I can never properly provide for a know that I'll never have a chance to be a have that feeling of watching his children grow up and go out into the world...

I'll admit, I too feel like just giving up...and I can't promise that day will never come home...I only live now, just running on hope and fueled by anger. Sallie Mae wants me to be ashamed of what I've done to myself...well, the time of embarrassment is over...I'm here to just spread the word, tell my story, tell other stories and try to steer as many people away from this path as I can.

And should that dreadful day come where I have absolutely no options left...I'm going to take a final trip to Muncie, Indiana...I know their call center is in the vicinity of Ball State University...I'll drive there...and I'll wait outside their front door...for once, I want them to see the face of what they've created...and I want to see the faces of the people who have hounded me.

But until then, I'll be here. Just...doing what my ancestors did in the past.

Survive. And Fight.

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  1. We should organize a sleep in at Sallie Mae headquarters. Everyone bring a sleeping bag and a tent. Create a tent city on their lawn or parking lot. (Then again, I suppose they would call out the Indiana National Guard to quell this peaceful protest. Remember, the corporations own the police, military, politicians, etc.)

    Also, this might not shame this disgraceful company. Furthermore, if John Boehner is installed as speaker, you can count on Albert Lord getting whatever he wants.