Monday, November 15, 2010

More from Alan Collinge...

"This is the type of greed, and excess that we enable with the predatory loans forced upon us.

We have crossed a threshold, folks. Where yesterday you were ashamed, intimidated, and overwhelmed, tomorrow you should be angry, assertive, and demanding. These are your loans, and only by you understanding exactly what is going on will you transition from passive to active on this issue. Trust me, you will certainly wonder, in hindsight, why you laid low for so long. Doing so only enriches and emboldens the predators who have seized control of this lending system."

Forget being a doctor or a lawyer, this article makes the life of a university president rival Beverly Hills. Kind of explains the recurring hikes in tuition...


  1. I have decided to publish faculty salary info - courtesy of Guidestar - so I can juxtapose that with the outcomes of many law graduates. These corporate entities, including the state schools, still care about their image. After all, if students understand the situaion, they may be less likely to throw (borrowed) money away on a useless J.D.

    I no longer care when "law professors" and industry shills call me "bitter" or the "angriest man on the Internet." I know my monthly student loan payments to the penny. I pay more when I can, so I can attack the principle. This gives me - and every other person making student loan payments - the ABSOLUTE right to go after the student lending pigs, school administrators and other proponents of this system.

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