Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm back...and Alan Collinge needs help!

Sorry for my absence, a combination of the flu and life reflection have delayed me from here. But, I have returned. And right now, it seems that we are in an age of revolution once more. We saw it in 1914 with World War I...we saw it during the 1960s...and we saw it during 1989 when that Wall came down and once again...we are in that age. Protesters in Tunisia and Egypt have accomplished so much within the past few months and we're seeing it again in Libya and maybe more countries...I don't know where their future is headed but right now, they wanted change and they're getting it.
And I'm sure we've seen what's been going on in Wisconsin.
Well, now it can be our turn. This could be our stand to take the first steps to restore consumer rights to student loans and to expose Sallie Mae and every other creditor predator out there.
And Alan Collinge has a plan:

A road trip to John Boener's House:

We now have about a tenth of the money required to make this trip happen ($1500-$2000). We can't draw out the money raising until the trip happens. We have to get that settled before we can set any firm date, time, etc.

We have 10,000 people receiving these messages. People need to step up and kick in for once.

C'mon, guys-We can easily do this. We should be able to easily raise the minimum in nothing flat, with money left over to bus people in if necessary.

An Age of if you can, please donate whatever you can to the cause. Those who settle for mediocrity do nothing in life. Don't settle. Act.

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