Thursday, March 31, 2011

Alan Collinge's tips on stopping wage garnishment

Hey folks,

For those of you having your wages garnished into a bottomless pit:

Stopping wage garnishment is easy if you have a decent relationship with your employer. Simply ask the payroll department to stop the garnishment, and tell the collection agency to produce a court order in order for the garnishments to continue. The collection companies may talk tough, but they probably will not,and in fact, you will in all likelihood never hear from them again.

You may need to explain a bit about the predatory nature of the loans, about the grassroots groundswell against this predatory system, etc...

But if you can make payroll understand, and do this, you will get to keep your pay. It worked for me. 4 years ago. And nothing has changed with the system since then.

This is no long term solution of course, but it may help you.

Another helpful piece of advice: Demand that your defaulted loan be transferred directly to the Department of Education. Again, this won't solve any problems, but it will cut the guarantor and its collection companies out of the process, which typically is a good thing.



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