Monday, April 11, 2011

This articles DOES suck! Student debt a healthy investment???

Reading this made me want to vomit in rage. If Susan Dynarski was a man, I would punch him right in the face. Good to see the NY Times prints such wonderful articles. It really does anger me. Healthy investment? For many people, just being able to pay off the electric or phone bills...that's a healthy investment. Being able to pay for decent health insurance and auto coverage, that's a healthy investment. Paying for a scam that keeps growing in drowning debt...seriously Dynarski, you are very misguided. But, judging from your position at the University of Michigan, you really wouldn't know what good and bad debt truly feels like. Make your own assessment, people, but don't just sit there and scratch your heads. Voice your opinion. The longer everyone just stalls, the longer this problem continues to thrive and the NY Times will continue to belittle the problem and sweep us under the rug. The insanity continues as long as you let it.

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  1. Well, since you have to pay to play to "make it" in this economy, one could argue that student loans "pay off over the life of the loan". Just like a house pays off over the life of the mortgage - MAYBE. We all know this is a stretch, but that's the argument.

    However, we know these guys will say anything to keep the gristmill going. The wealthy and connected will just pay for their educations, while everyone else will make up the remainder of the administrator's, dean's and professor's salaries. After all, you have to keep hope alive in order to keep the machine churning away, right? The Deans gotta have their Porches, yo.