Thursday, April 14, 2011

More from Alan Collinge about that article

Hey All,

I'm still pissed about that piece published in the NYTimes yesterday. Its this type of non-starter, hand wringing article that breaks no new news, and simply repeats what the fake student advocates like Lauren Asher, Deanne Loonin, et al that we DON'T need.

The piece never mentions that Mark Kantrowitz makes his money from lenders and schools, either. People need to know this.

The reporter, Tamar Lewin, is new on the beat, and obviously needs to hear about the real issue from us, the borrowers. So I'm going to take the liberty of giving you all, the people she NEEDS to hear from, her personal email address. USE IT. MAKE HER FEEL YOUR PAIN.

Also, please donate. We need it:

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