Monday, August 3, 2009

Watch out for Everest and Phoenix online...use Rip Off Report to investigate!

The all important Rip Off Report site. Research questionable products, such as ShamWow, which from what I read, falls apart. You can also research certain services, such as debt collection agencies that deal in zombie debt.
A few years ago, my mother got a debt collection bill for over $4,000 and she didn't remember where the bill came from. A telephone number was at the bottom for her to call. Before she had a chance to, I researched the collections agency behind the bill.

It saved my mother the stress of $4,000.

Had she called, she would have reignited the decade old zombie debt.

I used Rip Off Report to look into this collection agency, and it would go around and buy old debts and trick people into calling them. The moment they're called, the debt comes alive...hence Zombie Debt.
Very sneaky.

So again, use Rip Off Report to look into everything questionable!!!

Now, distance learning has become very popular in the past few years. Especially with online universities like the University of Phoenix and American Intercontinental University.
Also, career based institutes such as Everest have gained steam as well, along with the Art Institute's online courses.

In theory, these sound nice, whether signing up for Phoenix or AI for courses. Or going to an Everest campus to learn a trade. JUST BEWARE.
I know those commercials that play for the couch potato crowd looks appealing with success stories...just always do your research before signing into those sites.
I do believe some state schools offer legitimate distance online learning, as do several community colleges.

If you're looking at an online school or career based school as an easy shortcut, again, beware...there is no real easy shortcut. I thought an art school was a shortcut around college math and other courses. BIG MISTAKE on my part.
Just like certain technical schools that offer degrees in a couple of years, like Full Sail...punch that school into a Rip Off search and see what I mean.
No matter what path you want, just remember, it's all hard work to get there. Anything in life that comes too easy isn't worth having!

Also, Sallie Mae has had her hand in dooming the online crowds.

But if you do proceed with these institutes...use Rip Off Report and research them. Read the consumer reports and then make your decisions.

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