Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Living the nightmare....please avoid a similiar path!

So what's it like to live a life under a Sallie Mae Suicide path?

Well, you can look at the student loan justice site for an idea.


I tremble every time my phone goes off. It's probably one of the worst feelings to have...shaking as you look at the Called ID...praying to God it's a friend or family member and not an 800 or 866 number...or worse...just an "Unknown Caller."
And even if I do answer the phone, I have the jackal on the other end to deal with, trained to accept nothing less than a full payment.
It was even more embarrassing at work. Unlike other collection agencies, Sallie Mae will call you at work and will call often.

Going out to get the mail is just as bad. I close my eyes each time before opening the mailbox. Just waiting for that bomb to go off.

And then there's the dark feeling, that you've become nothing but a burden to your family. You can't really share what it's like with friends because you just feel so stupid and ashamed. That, after nearly 2 decades of preparations, you go out in the real world and just make the mistake of buying an illusion, only to have a very real shackle chained to you.
I look back at my life, all the people I met, all those who had so much faith in me...
Was this the future they envisioned for me?


Because of the Sallie Mae Suicide...I've let everyone down.

Even if I didn't go to college...if I would have stayed in my hometown, worked, gone to a community college or technical school...even if I just took a year off to drink myself...I still would have had a better shot at a future than with Sallie Mae.

So...in this economy...the job I had...gone.

I lost my apartment rental as well.

With no real job...I can't afford to pay off my loans...and my deferment options have dried off.

I now live a new nightmare...Living off the Grid.

At this time, Sallie Mae has nothing on me. I changed my cell, which I am very protective of giving out...and even when it rings, I still tremble.
I've been a gypsy, moving from apartment to apartment, my permanent residence has not been set in stone in over a year. No use filling out a mail forwarding form.

Living off the Grid is just as nerve racking as the time when Sallie Mae could pinpoint me. But there is nothing I can do at the moment...no job, can barely pay off the cell and insurance as it is, so no way I can do much to relieve my debt.
If I had a regular 9-5 job, I'd just tell Sallie Mae to go ahead and garnish my wages but I can't even do that.

Off the Grid...and in a Sallie Mae Suicide...it's no way to live.

I don't wish my path nor my fate on anyone.

So once again.

Find yourself.
Keep your credit rating well maintained.
Always do your research.
Never sign anything without reading the fine print.
Find a way without ever blindly using Sallie Mae.

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