Sunday, August 2, 2009

To be clear, I'm not saying don't take a loan from Sallie Mae...

I'm just saying...THINK TWICE before you do. Your credit rating is your life line. Don't gamble with it. As soon as you enter the real world, your credit is going to be in the best shape it can be. Why? Because it's prime to be built!
So take careful time in building it into a desired 680-700. Believe me. If you want that new house one day or that hot car or to rent that sweet condo by the waterfront, don't gamble with your credit.
Aside from Sallie Mae, just remember to be careful, keep on an eye on what you spend and pay, pay your bills on time and especially your rent. Take control of your own life, your destiny, your future...because believe me...You don't want other debt collection agencies such as NCO hounding you (they are just as bad as Sallie Mae's collections), you don't want a landlord beating down on your door, you don't want the bank to take away your home, you don't want those guys from Repossessed coming for your ride, and you do not want Sallie Mae tearing away at you...TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE ASAP!

Remember...Sallie Mae is just like any other creditor...they want you IN DEBT!

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